Principal Message

Principal's Message

The college established in 1954 , is one of the oldest constituent college of Patliputra University. We have come a long way and our stakeholders have struggled tirelessly to transform Bindeshwar Singh College into a progressive, equal opportunity Institution that has today become the vanguard of academic excellence, on one hand, and liberal democratic traditions on the other. Situated in the natural environment on the bank of Sone – Ganga , this college is doing a great national service by spreading quality education in this extremely backward area. Besides Honours & Post-Graduate courses in almost all subjects, we are imparting vocational courses such as B BCA and BBA B.Lis and AICTE approved MBA and MCA with fully equipped laboratories and rich library.

Now that I have been given this great opportunity, I hope to extend the journey of our college on the path of greatness. It is my duty to ensure that the college remains for the students, as our founding fathers envisioned it to be. I am fortunate to be in the position where I can listen to and solve the challenges that our students face, and make this learning experience just a little more valuable. I represent the diligent faculty and staff of our college, whose sincerity and spirit make it what it is. It is my constant endeavor to proliferate an environment of mutual respect within the college, in pursuit of a shared ambition. We are bound by the fabric of the Music of Truth that unites us and constantly replenishes our passion for learning. We impart education in the atmosphere of discipline. We believe that the students must get the opportunity of all round development Physical, Mental, Moral and Spiritual. Therefore we are determined to develop among the students, the capacity discrimination which comprehends the difference between milk and water like a swan , to be independent in thinking, obedient to parents and teachers and strongly determined for achieving their aims. We also prepare them for a continuous struggle till they reach their goal Arise, Awake and don’t stop till you achieve your Goal. The broad philosophy is to nurture today’s youth to face tomorrow’s challenges and we have well complemented our motto of nurturing tomorrow’s minds by gradually and successfully transitioning from being consumers of knowledge to the producers of knowledge. We have a well placed Gender Forum to address critical and challenging issues ,a strong commitment to gender equality. The Placement Cell of the College is pro-active and helps students from all disciplines to find placement in various recognized public- sector, private-sector and other institutions. Like always, each student of the College is invited to start any activity may be a club or a wallpaper or a magazine or anything the possibilities are endless which he/she finds creative, fun-orientated and helps explore untapped potentialities. As Principal, I invite all students at College to communicate directly with me. Together, let us share our ideas, dreams and vision to make the learning process an even more exciting experience. We look forward to the assessment process for NAAC accreditation as an opportunity to learn and to reflect critically ourselves on our strength and weakness. The preparation of this report under the Nodal Officer Prof. Amarendra Kumar Sinha and all the steering committee members, and college staffs at all levels itself has brought us together as a community. This process has given us an opportunity to understand and document our system and practices and comprehend how they can be improved for the better tomorrow.

Prof.(Dr.) Pravin Kumar